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Adult psychiatrist – in English – Bydgoszcz

Psychiatry is one of the fundamental areas of medical science that studies a wide spectrum of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. The main task of a psychiatrist is the appropriate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with various mental disorders. The catalog of mental disorders that specialist doctors treat includes, among others, depressive, anxiety and adaptive disorders, compulsive disorders, insomnia and eating disorders.

Our specialists dealing with adult psychiatry, in addition to the above-mentioned qualifications, also have the appropriate competences to ensure that the patient feels safe and comfortable with them and receives professional medical assistance. Most patients who decide to seek help feel lost at first, cannot name their ailments yet, and thus are ashamed to break the barrier of talking about their ailments due to stereotypes functioning in society and affecting people struggling with mental disorders. That is why our specialists make sure to create an appropriate space for each patient, in which they will feel safe and in which they can tell about their problems in confidence. Each of our specialists treats his patient individually, which allows for the appropriate diagnosis of his diseases and the selection of individualized treatment methods.

The main task of our specialists is to make each patient, regardless of their disorders, know that we are here to help.

Agata Wolf


Agata Wolf


I cordially invite you to a consultation, the purpose of which will be to make a proper diagnosis and determine the most optimal therapeutic effects. I encourage you to prepare for the visit by taking with you previous information cards, certificates, data on the course of the disease and any medications that were and are currently being taken.

Mieszko Dzięgielewski


Mieszko Dzięgielewski


Professionally, I am associated with the Praxis Clinic in Bydgoszcz. He treats people with adult mental disorders and diseases. In my work, I focus on learning about the patient’s problems and concerns and adjusting pharmacotherapy solutions individually to the needs of a particular patient, keeping the idea that a visit is primarily a meeting with another person, and diagnosis and further therapy are derivatives of this event.


Psychiatric consultation (first visit)

290 PLN

Psychiatric consultation (next visit)

230 PLN

Online consultation

from 230 PLN

Medical certificate

50 PLN

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